Monday, March 7, 2016

What Are You Reading Today?

That's my favorite question to ask my students and colleagues. Does that make me a book person, a bibliovore (I just love that word), or just book crazy? I'd have to say all of the above.

I just answered a blog question "What Book(s) Got You Into Reading?" My answer is:
I have always had a book in front of me. But if I think back to childhood favorites I read (or had read to me) over and over again, they were "When We Were Young" and "Now We Are Six" by A.A. Milne, Madeline (my father can still recite it by heart), and Ferdinand the Bull. But books that really hooked me into reading were by C.S. Lewis, Sir Arthur Ransome, Tolkien, and American books like "Little House on the Prairie" and even fairy tales. I guess I've been hooked since I could read and look at the pictures. And I hooked my brother who reads equally voraciously.

 That's such a tough question because I've always been a reader. I'm especially lucky because my parents read widely and never discouraged us from picking up a book. I remember getting a library card at 5ish and filling those summer reading maps and lists several times over. I was really fortunate to watch little TV when I was growing up and then at that impressionable age of 9 and 10, what we'd call Tweens today, I lived overseas where there were few if any TV stations. Reading was the main form of entertainment, aside from playing with friends outside, running around, and school.

Even today, I always have a few books started, on my GoodReads list, tons on my TBR, and a number in my iPod for listening when I walk, drive, or work in the kitchen. If only I could think and listen at the same time :) This week, aside from audiobooks, I'm reading Fergus Bordewich The First CongressJude Deveraux Ever After (I just love the dress) and Geraldine Brooks The Sacred ChordI'm certain I'll pick up another title or two before the week is over.

I'll admit it, I'm hooked on books! It's a good addiction to have. What are you reading?